Continuing on the late-twenties journey

I’ve written about my quarter life crisis experience before, but reading this article here,, I’ve come to think that this is something we aren’t really prepared to experience, and that it takes place over several years rather than the day we hit 25. 

For a pretty good period in my life, I tended to spend time with people who were older than I was by a good 10 years.  I ultimately heard several times, especially if I was about to hit a “milestone age,” that you’re a very different person between 16-18, 18-21, and 21-25.  This always made me feel like I wasn’t really on the right track, because up until 25 I really didn’t feel any different than when I was 18.  As strange as it sounds, 24 and 25 seem like a different lifetime ago, even though it was so recent. 

I don’t know that this change happened all at once.  I think it was really a lot of little things adding up, which after 18 months, you realize that you truly have become a very different person.  It’s a very strange period where you start to feel like you really don’t have the experiences to fit in with people older, but at the same time, you realize you’re not who you were at 25.  Sometimes it feels like you’re caught between two very different worlds and you’re not sure where you belong.  I find this to be a very interesting and fascinating process, because about a year into this I’m finally starting to see that this is the time where you do find out who you are. 

I don’t know how long this is going to last, but I hope on the other end I will come out as being better for having experienced this.  I’m very interested in seeing if it will be one moment which “ends” the quarter life moments, or if it finishes the way it starts–slowly and gradually. 


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August 5, 2013 · 9:04 pm

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