Book Review #2

As part of my ongoing German-improvement process, I’m attempting to review the books I’ve managed to read.  I finally managed to finish “Ansichten eines Clowns” today.  This one was a challenge because I stopped reading it during my Polish class and had to restart.  Here’s my review: 

Overall comprehension:  I thought this worked pretty well for my level- it seemed to be a step higher than what I would normally read.  So it wasn’t incredibly easy, but it wasn’t impossible either.  Because I’ve been focusing on Polish (maybe to the detriment of my German), I mostly read for content and not for individual words.  What made this challenging is that when I read a fictitious story, I like to be able to get a mental image of the scene taking place.  When the political/philosophical discussions happened, it was very difficult to do that.  Had it been a book only about political discussions I don’t think I would have had such a difficulty, but because I had to switch back and forth, it took a lot longer than was probably necessary.

Vocabulary:  Like I said, I mostly ignored individual words unless I continued to see them repeatedly.  I still managed to understand the story pretty well, and even picked up some more unusual vocabulary. 

Grammar:  Well at least I can say I finally learned how to form relative pronouns correctly.  This is the most annoying aspect to me, because I understood the concept, but I didn’t really master the idea.  Once I finally looked up the grammar, I understood the book much better.  Grammatically it’s not that difficult, but I wish I would have looked up that one area much sooner. 

Overall, it was a good book, it definitely deserves its good reputation, and I would recommend it for learners. 



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