Day one #add1challenge

As promised, I did make a video for my first day of starting my challenge.  Here is my video of me speaking Polish:



  Where I am right now with Polish is that I’m about 3 months into studying it fairly intensively.  This particular one was challenging to make because it was about a topic other than language learning, was slightly longer, and I wasn’t really using my notes.  One thing I’m noticing from recording videos is that you really do have to practice speaking, especially in the beginning.  Right now, it’s very difficult to speak spontaneously and automatically (although that might be partially related to the somewhat unnatural format of delivering a monologue to your computer screen).  It’s hard from my perspective to gauge whether I’ve improved or whether I’ve stayed the same (actively, probably about the same, but passively, I’m in a completely different position).

I didn’t make a video of my Afrikaans ability yet, but here’s what I’ve done:  the alphabet and pronunciation.  Maybe I’m making too big of an issue out of the pronunciation, but I really do think that for me it needs to be learned correctly from the beginning.  I didn’t only learn the alphabet though; I learned some very basic vocabulary as well.  I suspect this really will be quite a challenge for me! 


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