Studying or Sudafed?

It was bound to happen:  my allergies have been driving crazy since the beginning of August, but were generally confined to this annoying itching at the back of my throat which was easily relieved by drinking something or taking a Benadryl at night.  Then yesterday…boom!  Now I’m in full-swing allergy attack mode.  I guess I shouldn’t complain much.  This used to happen like clockwork at certain times of the year (usually when I had a school concert to perform that week and I would end up hoping that I had enough of a voice to sing!)  I really can’t complain that this is the first time in about five or six years that this has happened!  Of course, right now it’s a little different as I’m trying to learn my two languages.  Let me tell you how much I “enjoy” memorizing vocabulary or reading in a foreign language when I’m reaching for the box of tissues and Sudafed…that’s right, all I want to do is curl up in a blanket and watch continuous re-runs of “The Waltons.” 

I think when Benny Lewis wrote about imperfect learning conditions, he must have known I would read it the day I started to not feel well!  If you haven’t read his post, I encourage you to read it; it’s very true!  There’s always something that interrupts studying.  Of course, in the beginner stage, I tend to feel guilty for not sticking to my routine, especially because it’s not “that” much time.  But sometimes things happen and you have to adjust your plans.  By the way, I was pretty productive despite my unexpected need for Sudafed and tissues nearby.  I made my first video in Afrikaans and listened to a lot of music in the language.  I think on my “off” days the best strategy is smaller chunks of the language at a time.  Instead of one hour straight, try to break it up into 10-15 minute segments throughout the day.  Seemed to work this time, but hopefully I won’t need to put that strategy to use much longer! 


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