I started to become serious about studying Polish this past year.  This was also my first Slavic language that I attempted to learn.  Because I had no idea what I was doing, I ultimately ended up going from having what seemed like no resources, to having what seemed like an overwhelming amount of resources (which are finally understandable and no longer long sentences of slurred speech or consonant clusters).  But there is one particular resource which I would recommend to Polish learners, and it’s realpolish.pl

There are a lot of reasons I would recommend it.  First, it’s all in Polish.  In case anyone is put off by that at first, it’s really not impossible once you get used to listening.  Piotr speaks very slowly and clearly, and tries to use very basic language to talk about interesting topics.  Some of the posts are longer, others are shorter.  Piotr recommends listening many to the recordings, and this has been incredibly helpful.  It’s also a great opportunity for writing practice.  There’s a small but steady community over there who will comment on articles, and Piotr really does respond to everything.  By the way, if you write in Polish, he will respond in Polish–which, it should also be mentioned, he is a language learner himself, learning English and Spanish.  It’s a very supportive community where you know that you will be able to use what little amount of language you do have.  Finally, you do get to learn many interesting things about Poland and the Polish culture and language on the site; he writes about several different topics, and I’ve picked up some great vocabulary from there much sooner than I probably would have. 

In short, this is probably the most valuable resource I’ve found for learning Polish.  I hope that everyone who is at the awkward beginner stage and looking for materials visits his site and tries to listen to a few recordings. 



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December 21, 2013 · 4:36 am

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